Intro to Music Summer Camp

Calling all young music enthusiasts! 

Join us for an unforgettable summer adventure at our Intro to Music Summer Camp! 

From Monday through Friday, dive into the captivating world of music as we explore its various facets and ignite your passion for rhythm and melody. 

Our camp is designed to inspire and empower budding musicians of all ages with a fun-filled curriculum tailored to their interests and skill levels. 

Each day, participants will embark on an enriching musical journey, led by our expert instructors. Through interactive and engaging classes, they’ll:

  • Learn the basics of music theory, melody, and rhythm.
  • Discover the secrets of playing various instruments, such as piano, guitar, drums, and more.
  • Unleash their creativity through songwriting and composition.
  • Experience the joy of group performances and collaborate with fellow musicians.
  • Gain confidence and stage presence through exciting performance opportunities.

We provides a safe and inclusive environment where friendships are formed, talents are nurtured, and dreams take flight. 

Don’t miss this chance to create beautiful harmonies and memories that will last a lifetime! 


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Spring Break Rock Camp

Are you ready to rock out this spring break?
Join our Morning Rock Camp from 9am-1pm and learn how to play instruments, create a band, and perform your favorite songs at the end of the week!