Spring Break Rock Camp

Spring Break

Rock Camp

Are you ready to rock out this spring break?
Join our Morning Rock Camp from 9am-1pm and learn how to play instruments, create a band, and perform your favorite songs at the end of the week!

Here’s what we ‘ll do each day:
Day 1 – Introduce yourself, your grade, and favorite band/musician. Learn about the importance of teamwork and friendship when playing in a band. Then, guess the verses and choruses of popular songs in a fun competition!
Day 2 – Learn about rhythms and play a game to test your skills!
Day 3 – Explore dynamics and practice playing soft and loud with different instruments.
Day 4 – Review all the concepts in a fun gameshow-style activity!
Day 5 – It’s time to rehearse and prepare for the big performance!

And of course, we’ll take snack breaks to refuel and stay energized! Just remember to bring only water and no peanut/nut allergy products.

Join us for a week of music, fun, and making new friends! Sign up now and let’s rock out together!

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